Heat Pump

The heat pump is a machine that can transfer energy from a low temperature system to a higher temperature system. By the same procedure through which a pump picks up a fluid from a lower than one top, the heat pump, using a single plant, allows to heat and cool the environments of a home or a workplace, in addition to produce the hot water needed for daily needs.

This type of plant is therefore able to meet all the requirements of air conditioning and heating of an environment, guaranteeing the comfort and well-being of those who live or work.

It is a technology that contributes to the sustainability of the environment and to the reduction of energy consumption, with an economic savings in the bill and a return on investment in the short term, also thanks to the government incentives and benefits that you can take advantage of.

It can be said that, from the energy point of view, the process at the base of the heat pump is always good: 1 kWh of electricity produces up to 5 kWh of thermal energy. The energy you get is therefore getting bigger than the one you are using. A heat pump system also allows to increase the economic value of the property on the market, also for the purpose of real estate trading.


  • High energy yield and energy savings

  • Coupled with solar photovoltaic systems and solar thermal systems

  • Water temperature up to 65 °

  • Tax deduction of 50% or 65%

  • Increase in the value of property

Condensing Boiler

A condensing boiler is a hot water boiler in which water steam from exhaust fumes is condensed before they are expelled from the outlet. This way condensation latent heat which is used to heat up the heating system water is retrieved.
Compared to other boilers, there is an increased combustion efficiency and a reduction in NOx and CO2 emissions


  • Management costs reduction

  • 30% gas consumption and polluting substances emissions reduction

  • Easy to integrate with existing heating systems

  • 50% tax reduction

  • 98% system performance

Hybrid Boiler

The hybrid boiler system consists of a last generation wall condensing boiler and a heat pump, controlled by a patented electronic system: 35% more efficient of a standard condensing heating boiler and 20% more instantly available hot water for domestic use.

This system activates the heat pump, the boiler or both systems at once according to outside temperature, energy tariffs and heat requirement, always aiming for the most cost efficient mode possible: by checking the cost of kWh of electricity against the cost of gas per cubic metre, the system automatically selects the ideal mode to minimise your energy bill. Ideal replacement for old wall boilers while keeping the existing high temperature radiators


  • Optimum efficiency

  • From 35% more efficient for heating than a standard condensing boiler

  • 20% more efficient in hot water than other condensing boilers

  • Last generation control system for usage monitoring

  • Enhances existing photovoltaic system

  • Easily integrates with existing heating systems

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