ATU (Air Treatment Unit)

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Project Description

The ETHOS Aernova Air Treatment Unit  is a complete solution which perfectly adapts to the continental and mediterranean climate and people’s modern lifestyles.

The power station in the ETHOS series can  guarantee the following indoor air treatment modes:

  • Total environment air renewal with heat recovery of up to 92%
  • Total environment air renewal with free-cooling mode
  • Indoor air re-circulation

Combined with an air/air inverter heat pump module, the ETHOS series power station  guarantees the following indoor air heat treatments completely autonomously:

  • Indor air warming
  • Indoor air cooling
  • Controlled indoor air de-humidifiying

The ETHOS series power station has integrated a domestic use hot water production system which guarantees constantly hot water in the following modes:

  • Domestic hot water production, prioritising either the summer or winter heat recovery functions
  • Domestic hot water production with partial condensation heat recovery in the summer mode function
  • Domestic hot water production with total condensation heat recovery in the summer mode function
  • The system functions can integrate with the regular home usage.


The standard function modes are:

  • Supervised or automated RS485 modbus system integration
  • Forced access function in the kitchen stove hood mode
  • General remote on/off access
  • Automatic defrost recovery system with indoor air re-circulation
  • Manual minimum energy use function mode
  • Manual maximum indoor comfort function mode


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