An innovative building system which is eco-friendly, reduces energy consumption and respects the environment. The FORMWORK system is used to build concrete houses. Cement is poured into a shell of expandable, reinforced polystyrene.

The EPS formwork is thus  incorporated in the building. It forms the house insulation while the cement is the main supporting structure. The walls are finished with rendering and plaster, the internal part with a sheet of plasterboard.


  • Respects the environment and improves quality of living

  • Single phase wall build

  • Reduced building time scales

  • No heat bridges and condensates

  • Energy saving

  • High heat insulation

  • Reduced noise propagation

  • Antiseismic building

  • Modular system

Building System

Our Company builds home using three construction systems which focus on energy efficiency, living comfort and environmental sustainability

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Our Projects

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