Ekoteam will customize your GREEN HOUSE to meet your specific demands, firstly developing a 2D rendering and then a 3D rendering in order to create the housing design of your dreams. It will also be developed the electrical and plumbing systems as well as the mechanic ventilation and air-conditioning. Every detail will be taken into consideration to reach the housing well-being and guarantee energy savings at the same time. Your GREEN HOUSE will be manufactured according to the higher energy standards required by law to be an energy efficiency class A and to get the Gold Class.

Through many studies and researches it has been found the right combination of materials and constructive techniques to get a sismic-resistant GREEN HOUSE.

Technical and physical characteristics such as the resistance to compression and bending allow to manufacture earthquake- proof houses without structural damages. The structure, made entirely of wood, withstood an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale.

Although wood is a combustible material, the houses built with X-LAX technology are highly fire-resistant since their superficial layer chars protecting the internal structure. The charred layer slows down fire penetration and keeps the structure stable by insulating it.


Building system

Our Company builds home using three construction systems which focus on energy efficiency, living comfort and environmental sustainability

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